Leave no traces behind!

Only great memories

Say what's really on your mind - seriously, it's off the record.

The time of worrying about who else could hear your private conversations ages after they happened is gone! With secure self-destructing voice messages, Voyse™ takes care of covering your tracks, so you can focus on what you really wanna say. Get intimate with your special one, tell a lame joke or confess a guilty pleasure. No traces left behind, just memories!

Did someone say Encryption?

Voyse messages aren’t just ephemeral, they are encrypted! We use [AES-256 bit Encryption] – one of the most secure encryption methods in the world today in the palm of your hands. Focus on saying what’s on your mind, we’ll take care of everything else.

Our Mission

Life is all the more special because it is finite. Every moment is unique and goes away as fast as it came. We don’t always want our digital content to live forever, particularly the things we say casually. It can be convenient to keep a record of things we have done in the past, but that convenience ceases when things we said unintentionally come back to haunt us years later. We envision a world where people can talk freely and securely; where conversations exist only in our memories and not permanently on a server. We want you to be able to say online, what you would have to say in person. And this just the beginning…

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